Saturday, 5 June 2010

The Law of Thoughts

We should be careful with our thoughts and wishes – they all become true! With our thoughts help we can change the surrounding world. We should only crave for something very strongly, and one day it will be realized.
The difficulty lies in the fact that we cannot always control our thoughts and wishes. Very often, we suffer from hard and unpleasant reflections, which poison our lives.
Ultimately, all these dismal presentiments become true, and it seems to us that it could not be otherwise,
No, every person is the master and builder of his own life. We should endeavour to think about something good – only in this case our life becomes better. If we always just complain or whimper, we will drug up only misfortune and troubles. A person is capable of forming his future with his own thoughts help. Think always about something good and you will have everything what you want. If we always expect misfortune, it will find us, and it will be those troubles, about which we were thinking.

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  1. if only more people would realise this...