Wednesday, 2 June 2010

The Law of Chess

Life is a chess board – each event in our life is a chess move. If we want to succeed in our life, we must to learn how to play. Chess is a very complicated game, and we have to make many efforts in order to learn how to play. If we get to know the law of chess, our life becomes happier, more fascinating, and more attractive.
Probably, we all noticed this peculiarity of life – first a black stripe, then - a white stripe. There are no people, whose life develops evenly – either only white stripes or only black ones. It cannot simply be so – we can be the luckiest people in the world, however, we will have troubles. It is a law.
For example, if a person has succeeded a great progress in business, most likely, this person will have the complications with health, or a disorder in the family, or a conflict with relatives, or something else. We cannot succeed in all spheres simultaneously. If we look at the life of the celebrities, whose life seems to us improbable and amazing, we can notice one feature: despite their popularity, very few celebrities can brag about a happy private life. Moreover, they very often have problems with their children or relatives. On the contrary, if we are not in luck now, it will be compensated in the future.
The chess is a very old game – it originated in India. A human life is like a chess game. This law of black-and-white stripes, the law of chess, has been known since ancient times. According to the history sources, an ancient lucky people, earning a good profit, spent a part of money on charity. They had a principle- we have to pay for all, because there is nothing for free.
Everyone wants to live happily, but it is not enough only to have a wish. We should become an experienced player in this life. It does not mean that we should only predict the moves of fate. We should work for everything. No one can get everything for free in this life. We should to learn to endow. When we endow voluntary, we make the move both for white and for black. It is the same that play chess with yourself. If we play both black chessmen and white chessmen, it will be easy to win. Therefore, we should be grateful, generous and far-sighted, and only then there are will be more white stripes in our life.

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